Curriculum Framework

A thematic approach for a holistic education

a pedagogical approach that fosters deep learning

One of the unique parts about School House By The Garden’s curriculum is our integrated thematic approach. With up to 2 themes per term and at least 1 field trip per theme, our children will visit places related to the theme for the unique physical experience.


In addition to thematic based pedagogy, School House By The Garden embraces multicultural festive celebrations, within schools and in close collaboration community centres and organizations for children to learn about the rich history and practices of multi-cultural Singapore.


Our main curriculum comprises of the following:

Discovery of the World (Science)

Discover and explore the world through nature, science, experiments and problem-solving activities and games.

Aesthetics & Creative Expressions

Create and develop imagination while experimenting with various art media and materials to develop visual and sensorial capacities.

Social & Emotional

Develop a child’s social skills and emotions with pretend play and dramatization activities with re-enacting real-life experiences with simple props self D-I-Y items.

Enrichment Programmes

Learning beyond classrooms with Speech & Drama, PC Lessons, Abacus, swimming lessons, chess, sports and games to work the mind and body.

Literacy Programmes

Become a skilled reader to identify words quickly, accurately and proficient at decoding words using context clues, structural analysis, and word sight.

Chinese Language (Mother Tongue)

Improve conversant skills and expressions while developing the children's vocabulary through stories, role play, music, song, and dance to creative expressions through written exercise, daily class discussions, spelling test and Hanyu Pinyin.

Motor Skills & Development

Develop and improve hands-eyes coordination skills in control and manipulation including using simple tools to solve puzzles and obstacles.

Field Trips & Cookery

Every new term, School House by the Garden children visit different parts of Singapore to experience advocate visits to experience multi-sensory learnings beyond classrooms. Children also learn to read recipes, follow instructions to prepare simple dishes while savoring different types of food and tastes.


Acquire concepts and develop knowledge, skills, and techniques to help understand the wonders of mathematics and how it applies to daily practices with.

Language & Literacy

Develop competence in speaking and listening into better readers, writers, and speakers with our STAR Phonics Literacy Programme.

Consistency across all levels

a new theme is explored every 5 weeks

An sample curriculum for the topic plants may be held on term 3, from week 6 to 10 across all levels. Each level will tackle the topic, but each will learn a different area regarding plants.

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Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition